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History of Sylvanian Families

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History of Sylvanian Families
Introducing the history of Sylvania
n family Since its birth in 1985, and is loved all over the world.

Sylvanian Families birth
On March 20, 1985, Sylvanian Families was born in the animal family of nine and eleven furniture and house. It was the product which you can arrange the furniture, and can create a story by placing the animals, the world of imagination is spread in a small house.
And three consecutive years Toy of the Year award in the UK in 1987-1989 years Sylvanian Families became a social phenomenon.

In 1987
Urban Life Series Release
The theme of the city in the place where it exceeds a number of mountains and rivers from Sylvania village, to expand the series with a fashion sense cosmopolitan little village from Sylvania.

In 1987
Shop launch of the first
Release "of the village bakery" shop shop for the first time in the Sylvanian Families. Since the store appeared varied such as clothes and bakery goods shop. I began to develop as well as shops, and public buildings such as schools and hospitals, to play in place of children.

Appearance of baby twins
It becomes the new family structure, width of play spread.


Baby square series released
Products with the theme of the series of outdoor. A popular product that has the functions of a large tree trunk that divides into three rooms "house of big trees of baby square" products representative

10th anniversary Sylvanian Families
"Big house with a red roof" sale. It was a house that has the innovative feature while leaving the appearance of a large log house, and play from 4 forward, backward, left, or right, on behalf of Sylvania. Picture book called "the story of the Forest" is set all the doll house, was expressed more intuitive view of the world Sylvania village.

Country series launch of fairy
Side series on the theme can only children can see, a strange world. I was reproduced and house of sweets, a fairy tale world.

15th anniversary of Sylvanian Families
Launch of the "house of raspberry forest" which became a standard house of Sylvanian Families and "big house of green hills" big house most Sylvania village. Step up the play became possible to a big house from a small house.

20th anniversary of Sylvanian Families
"Big house-lit light" sale. Features and get electricity, house with a retractable function. We represent the beautiful House you look from any surface, House of the closed state, the product which I can express the light spilling through the window. Won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award in the United States. 2007 Toy of the Year nominations.


Milk rabbit twins
Twins is with your sleep type, and is a combination of crawling type, it has been improved to be added to the baby bottle and pacifier further. I was able to produce a new scene.


Toy range of the Year award in UK

Selected as kids super brand in the United Kingdom

Selected as kids super brand in the United Kingdom

"Sylvanian Families for the First Time" won the 2008 Japan Toy Awards Basic Toy Excellence Prize
All-in-one products that have been set dolls, furniture to house. Sylvanian Families users and expand product contents to choose who to play for the first time in the Sylvanian Families is without question, under the trade name that is easy to understand. Chocolate rabbit family has become very popular in the doll.

"House kitchen of stylish forest" sale
Added feature of the shop to house, new product concept. House can play side-by-side variety of shops as well as lining the furniture.

Sylvanian Families are girls range of award-winning toy retailer association in the UK

It is sold in 30 countries to day .


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